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El Capitan wines have won over experts at Paris exhibition

16th March 2020

France reigns supreme at the world winemaking map, and it is no wonder that it hosts the industry’s major events, such as Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris. This year the Paris exhibition has been held in a new, joint format, and this is where the European debut of 46 Parallel Wine Group wines has taken place. Participants of the fair were both local wineries and international companies who were presenting themselves and drawing high attention of the visitors. World experts have tasted premium author’s wines by 46 Parallel Wine Group from El Capitan collection: sparkling El Capitan Brut and white El Capitan Pinot Gris.

We are proud that our wines honorably represent Ukrainian wines at the world scale: experts that have tasted wines from the El Capitan collection noted their exceptional quality and predict bright future in the global market for the wines by 46 Parallel Wine Group. Experts as follows have shared their professional impressions: Alex Redfern, International Wine Challenge: “— The sparkling El Capitan Brut is well structured.  Pleasant acidity, fresh, light texture. Excellent as an aperitif as well as for light snacks, fresh salads, pasta with a white sauce.”

Peter Eijkhout, oenologist consultant in Wijn Plein Nij Megen, Netherlands: “— El Capitan Brut: the colour is pale goldenrod, nice perlage. The flavour contains typical notes of Chardonnay – lemon peel, green apples, and meadow herbs. Although you say that it is a blend of Pinot Blanc, but to me, Chardonnay seems to be prevailing. I presume that this sparkling wine is a signature wine for the Ukrainian winemaking. Frankly, this is the first sparkling wine from this country that I taste. And I am pleasantly surprised! Would I offer this wine to my friends? Of course! And I would definitely tell them that this wine is from Ukraine. In my opinion, we know a little about your winemaking – and that gives it a special charm and romance.Yvonne Zohar, WA/DipWSET/Certified Madeira Wine Educator, Dutch Association of Wine Professionals, Wine professional, Wein akademiker, wine & travel writer, International wine judge, hospitality creative, wine education: “— El Capitan Pinot Gris is a corn-colored wine. The flavour is bright, fruity, with floral notes, citrus and light herbal shades. As to its flavour, the first thing you feel is the freshness of lemon, citrus fruits, then white summer fruits and all these alongside a well-balanced acidity. The wine has a pleasant aftertaste, suitable for both as an aperitif and complementing gastronomic specialties.”

Pascal Sirat, wine producer, Chateau Panchille, Grand Vin Bordeaux: “— El Capitan Pinot Gris by 46 Parallel has a rich flavour of ripe yellow fruits – apple, pear, maybe even plum; some herbal tones are also present. I like its flavour and I want to drink such wine. It refreshes and leaves a pleasant summer-time aftertaste. This is a good wine for romantic evenings, and for a funny loud party. If you say that this is a novelty in the Ukrainian and European market, then I am confident that the buyers will be lining up for it. Great job!» Positive feedback from international experts confirms that wines by 46 Parallel are the wines of high European quality that are sure to put Ukraine on the world wine map. With our wines we will persuade the whole world that such thing as “high quality Ukrainian wine” is the new normal. We work for Ukrainians to love and respect their locally produced wines and for other nations in all parts of the globe to admire 46 Parallel wines.

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