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Winners of the London Wine Competition 2022

21st May 2022

According to the results of the International Tasting Competition London Wine Competition 2022, absolutely all sparkling wines 46 Parallel Wine Group, which were presented at the competition, won silver medals.

High marks of expert tasters were received by:

  • Grand Admiral Brut Nature (classical champagne method with maturation on the lees, vintage 2018) – silver, 85 points.
  • Grand Admiral Brut Nature Rose (classical champagne method with maturation on the lees, vintage 2019) – silver, 78 points.
  • El Capitan Brut (vintage 2019) – silver, 81 points.
  • El Capitan Brut Rose (vintage 2021) – silver, 84 points.

Thus, 46 Parallel Wine Group not only confirmed the high quality of its products, but also increased the prestige of Ukraine in the world wine arena.

The London Wine Competition has been held in the UK since 2017 and is one of the leading international wine competitions, which evaluates not only their quality, but also, in particular, value for money. The jury consists of professional sommelier, buyers of the largest retail chains, reputable wine experts, winemakers and owners of wine companies. The points are summed up, and based on the result, the winners are determined.

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