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The winners of WINE&SPIRITS Ukraine 2021!

5th November 2021

On November 1-2, at the Kyiv International Exhibition Center, experts selected the best wines of the WINE & SPIRITS Awards 2021 International Tasting Competition by blind tastings. The competition consisted not only of Ukrainian brands, but also of wines from Great Britain, France, Georgia, USA and Italy. 46 Parallel Wine Group, according to the results of the competition received almost the largest number of awards: experts awarded 12 wines of the company! Winning points and medals of the International Tasting Competition WINE & SPIRITS Awards 2021 received wines:

  • Grand Admiral Saperavi 2018 – 88,18 points
  • Grand Admiral Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 – 87,3 points
  • El Capitan Pinot Noir 2019 – 85,2 points
  • El Capitan Pinot Blanc 2019 – 84,5 points
  • Grand Admiral Extra Brut Rose 2019 – 82,55 points

High points from jury also received wines of Apostrophe brand:

  • Apostrophe Muscat 2020 – 85,36 points
  • Apostrophe Chardonnay 2020 – 87,45 points
  • Apostrophe Bastardo 2020 – 83,3 points
  • Apostrophe White Sparkling 2020 – 82,73 points
  • Apostrophe Riesling 2020 – 82,09 points
  • Apostrophe Brut 2020 – 81,2 points
  • Apostrophe Cabernet 2020 – 80,25 points

– 12 medals of the International Competition WINE & SPIRITS Ukraine 2021 in the general treasury of awards of the company is, indeed, a significant victory! After all, not only our wines from the Grand Admiral and El Capitan premium collections received high competition points. High quality was confirmed by all samples of Apostrophe brand wines in the price segment from 100 to 130 UAH, which for us is an indicator of the correctness of the chosen path – to promote Ukrainian wines and give consumers an opportunity to choose the best wine in its price segment! – comments the competition’s victory CEO and owner of 46 Parallel Wine Group – Anna Gorkun.

WINE & SPIRITS Ukraine is the main B2B event among Eastern European countries. The competition is supported and participated by the Sommelier Association of Ukraine and the International Sommelier Association in accordance with the international standards of the International Organization of Grapes and Wine OIV. Among the jury of the competition  are the best sommelier of Ukraine and Europe.

All samples of the competition are evaluated according to the 100-point OIV system and in the voting process are stored in professional software on the platform Gustos.life, which is the technical partner of the competition. The program eliminates the possibility of errors that occur during manual data processing, as well as any interference in the results of the competition, as it uses blockchain technology.

The purpose of the competition is to improve the quality of production and culture of consumption of wine and provide companies with an effective tool to promote their products in the Ukrainian market.

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