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Wine Hub 2021 Forum And “Wars of Marketing Budgets” From 46 Parallel

8th September 2021

When the 46th Parallel Wine Group held its first large-scale WineHub wine forum last year, we knew the second one was to be held. This year, the second WineHub wine forum became part of the large-scale International Wine Show “BeWine”, which took place on September 4-5 at the Parkovy CEC.

At the event, the company was presented with an exquisite stand, where everyone could taste both new products from 46 Parallel Wine Group, and wine bestsellers, which are already recognized by experts around the world. By the way, at “BeWine” 46 Parallel presented several novelties at once – the first aged dry white wine in the El Capitan collection – Pinot Blanc, as well as Apostrophe Select wines in a new design. In total, over two days, in addition to attending first-class tastings at the stands of more than 200 participants and partners of Be Wine, more than 8,000 guests were welcomed. All of them had the opportunity to join a number of educational programs and lectures on current topics in the wine industry, get unique content in oenological novelties, market prospects, as well as to participate in the heated discussions of the Second Wine Forum WineHub from 46 Parallel. So, on the first day of the event, world experts, including Giorgio Colutta, owner of Colutto Wines, a member of the Italian Sommelier Association, Alice Lonardi, Export Director at the Italian wine house VALDO, Gheorghe Arpentiy, Vice President of the Health Commission and the safety of the International Organization of Grapes and Wine, Director of R&D and Innovation Purcari Wineries Plc – chaired by Anna Gorkun – discussed in foreign market cases on how to build marketing and increase sales. The next day, as part of a panel with domestic representatives of the wine business, the WINE HUB Forum touched on issues: inspiration, risks, the future of Ukrainian winemaking. Anna Gorkun herself expertly revealed the issue – “The war of marketing budgets in winemaking” and presented a thorough study of this topic given the current analysis of world winemaking.

The presentation “War of marketing budgets” can be found here:

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